Her life experience helps her lead classes whereby reflections become one with movement.

For this Italo-Canadian and nature lover, yoga was inspired rather late in life.  Somewhat like an unexpected gift, her appreciation was instantaneous.


Studies in the arts, in communication, and in information systems, led her to a career in promoting and organizing cultural, youth and business events.   A strong Passion for event management, public relations and international affairs.  Then, a yearn to become closer to art and nature ensued when approaching her 40thbirthday and she left life in the city and a successful career for a simpler life in the country. She was first initiated to reiki and yoga which led her to a retreat at the Vipassana Center in Montebello, Quebec.  Impressed by her teachings there she has a profound desire to share all the benefits of meditation.   This desire translates into a deep need to share the wonderful peaceful life she has gained with others.


She holds a diploma in teaching yoga and meditation from the Universe of Yoga School, with just Jacithe Desrosiers and Swami Shraddhanda Saraswati, and has followed classes in Yoga-Nidra at the Vidya Institute, along with therapeutic chair yoga, yoga for corporations and somayog at the Somayog Training Centre in both Quebec and India.   She has more than 600 study hours in advanced yoga training and is continuing her studies.


Since 2014 she has been teaching in the region of Mont-Tremblant and offers courses which are a combination of Somayog and Yoga-Nidra.   Both techniques are recognized by the scientific community and aim to bring the student to an understanding of meditation.  Her primary objective is to assist her students in taking charge of their physical, mental and emotional health.


In addition to being a dedicated teacher, Marina Conforti spends countless hours in the creation of Jappa Malas (meditation rosary).  These beautiful pieces of jewelry are made from therapeutic crystals which are used in conjunction with meditation.