Bloodstone & Agate Mala


Agate will facilitate the ability to discern the truth and accept the circumstances.  Blood Stone is recognized as a cure for some blood-related illnesses.   Will help to have strength and clarity in the face of difficult situations.  Offers unity with the energies of the Earth.

Mala = Meditation Rosary:  The meditation technique used here is called the Japa Mala and consists in rolling each bead with the thumb and the middle finger of the same hand, one after the other by mentally repeating a mantra (affirmation). The most common is the OM (Universal Sound of Union) or the so HAM (meaning: I am).  Each syllable is said with an inspiration and/or an exhalation of breath. There are several others that you can explore when you feel the time comes.

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Created entirely of semi-precious stones, this Mala is made according to the ancient method where each bead is fixed between two knots.  Contains 108 beads and a guru.


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