Quartz Sodalite Mala Bracelet


The Quartz is known to activate the conscious at all levels. Excellent for meditation. Sodalite encourages self-esteem, confidence, and openness. It will also help to clarify your inner vision and your communication.

Mala = Meditation Rosary:

The meditation technique used here is called the Japa Mala and consists in rolling each bead with the thumb and the middle finger of the same hand, one after the other by mentally repeating a mantra (affirmation). The most common is the OM (Universal Sound of Union) or the so HAM (meaning: I am).  Each syllable is said with an inspiration and/or an exhalation of breath. There are several others that you can explore when you feel the time comes.


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I purchase natural stones that are all unique and therefore their shapes and colors, can vary slightly.


Made mainly of wooden beads and assorted semi-precious stones.  Contains 108 beads and a guru.


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